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It’s the first week in June of 2022 and Dagata M&C is representing our client SCRATCHgolf at our first in person meeting since COVID-19! The mask is not mandatory although set up is spread out to allow social distancing. Visiting past connections and meeting new ones sometimes starts with an awkward moment by not knowing who is still fearful of COVID.

-DAGATA M&C LLC 06-10-22


As we start 2021 many of us learned that our businesses can change drastically in a matter of days. Now everyday is always the time to continue to look at your business model and evaluate your response to new consumer and customer trends. As the CDC and state restrictions continue to change. It can be a challenge just to continue to communicate to consumers and customers.

-Dagata M&C LLC 2-11-21

Continuous changes as we move forward to the holiday shopping season

As this year 2020 moves on we find ourselves going into the holidays. Is your business or organization ready? That used to mean do we have enough product or will we have enough staff for the services we provide?

Today there are new terms of being ready like, wear a mask when entering, stay six feet apart from each other, products available for pickup or online. These factors make things more confusing today for consumers and add barriers that some customers do not want to deal with to enter a store.

We have helped our clients make sure that the new “front of the store” (online website and social media advertising) is clear and updated. take the time to make sure your appealing both in store and online. #support #community #socialmedia #advertising #marketing #business #branding #digitalmarketing #instagram

-Dagata M&C LLC. 10-8-20

How us all working together can get our businesses going

As COVID-19 restrictions start to lift, businesses need a marketing tool to tell their “post-pandemic” story in a way that is upbeat, genuine, and reassuring. The purpose of this marketing tool is to quickly position your company ready for the future, and eager to revive its valued relationships, while complying with safety guidelines and offering great customer service.

The story would combine your company’s own photos, videos and other availiable graphics, with a professionally-written script, music, narration and motion graphics design. The story will be optimistic and relatable, told in a 30 second video format that can be put to work in many ways, including as a link in an email, and as a social media post.

Production of this video is 100% remote, with 48-hour turnaround from approval of script to delivery of the video. The turnkey project rate is $500, all inclusive.

Interested? Contact us today on our contact page. Want to see examples of the work we do? Here’s a link to our demo reel:

-Dagata M&C LLC 5/01/20

As we begin to see the light of the day ahead to open businessess back up soon. How or was your business’s social media ready for reaching out and or being noticed when you went to online business? This may and continue to be a new stream of customers for you to capture and retain. Contact us for tips and support with how you can update your reachin the community.

Dagata M&C LLC 4/15/20

The COVID-19 has been a really hard hit to small businesses and many non-profit organizations. Owners and managers have to make strategic plans for a comeback and or explore their options. Take the time to reflect on how and what that may look like. It may require stages to build up and recover. As hard as it may be, hang in there, making a slow planned comeback can be the difference to continued and future growth.

Dagata M&C LLC 4/9/20

As online retail sales continue to grow the more important real time product placement data is for product sales performance. Understanding your products position among the competition.

Dagata M&C LLC 4/5/20

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